Atlanta Architects Love Working with Windom and We Love Working with Them

For most projects we either select or recommend an architect for the project or work with an architect our client has already selected. We are also recommended by architects to their clients for many projects.

We Bring Special Skills and Are Easy to Work With

Architects like working with us because we are good at helping them and their clients bring their ideas and designs to fruition with great attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship. We also bring special skills and expertise to the table that can be taken advantage of by architects and homeowners to make their projects run smoothly and be cost effective. We are helpful collaborators and good team players.  We are easy to work with and both homeowners and architects alike enjoy working with us.

We Work on Homes of All Ages and We’re Historic and Older Home Experts PLUS Green Building

We know how to work with all ages of homes and especially older homes and homes that are historic architectural structures. While we can help preserve the past we also help ensure the future with our energy efficient and green building certifications and skills.