Full Service Design Build Home Remodeling Contractor in Atlanta with Unique Expertise

Home renovation project front view Atlanta GA
Windom Construction is a full service design build remodeling contractor that provides a wide range of home remodeling services to homeowners in Atlanta, Georgia.

Remodeling for All Ages and Types of Homes

We work on all types of residential remodeling and renovation projects and with all types and ages of homes. We offer our clients a choice of design and construction options from the ease and convenience of Design/Build to using their own architects with us being involved from the start. We also will work from existing plans prepared by architects.

Older Home Renovation and Restoration Experts

We are perhaps best known for our work with older homes, those built between the mid 1800’s and 1950. For these homes we provide historic restoration, preservation, renovation as well as non-historic restoration remodeling services such as modernization, energy related remodeling, additions, kitchens, bathrooms, home additions, and so on. As an EPA Certified RRP (renovation, restoration and painting) Firm we have the expertise to make sure that the process of renovating older homes does not put the homeowners or their neighbors in danger from lead and other unhealthy and toxic building products used in the past.

Energy Efficient and Green Building

We are also a company that not only values the past but wishes to ensure a good future.  To all our projects we bring certified green building, energy efficiency and sustainable building expertise. In today’s world most homeowners can benefit immediately from energy efficiency and healthy home practices. Older homes can often benefit the most from these types of building practices.  Even homes being historically restored can benefit without interfering with the preservation of the historical characteristics of the home.