We Love Working on Older Home Renovations and Remodels


Windom has the expertise and experience that is required to work on older homes and make older home projects easier and more successful for our clients. Beyond technical expertise to work on older homes, we recognize that some older home renovation projects can be overwhelming in terms of their scope and cost for homeowners.

Small and Large Home Renovation and Remodeling Projects

Realizing that not every remodeling company has the expertise to work on older homes, we take on projects of almost every size for homeowners with older homes.  Sometimes these are small like repairs of roofs and gutter systems or replacing rotten trim or parts of a porch. We also do projects such as half baths, bathrooms, kitchen makeovers, and the like. We take on larger projects like home additions, major exterior or interior renovations, and whole house remodels.  Sometimes the goal of the project is to modernize the home, add space, make the existing space work better, or give the home a needed facelift.

While Windom Construction has the ability to restore older homes within the context of an “historical restoration” not all older homes require this approach and not all homeowners want this for their home.

The Windom Project Phasing and Budgeting System

There are times when an older home needs so much work that it can overwhelm a homeowner’s ability to deal with or pay for everything at once.  In such circumstances we assist with developing a master plan and phase activities to make costs more manageable. We help assess the totality of what needs to be done and we develop a long term project plan that allows work to be preformed over time in ways that does not require redoing earlier phases of work to accomplish the later phases. We consider what work is most time critical and important to the homeowner. We also factor in the cost of each phase and what is affordable for our client.  The net result is a cost effective approach to provide the homeowner with the remodeling or renovation work their home needs within their cost and time limitations.

Older Home Remodeling/Renovation Return on Investment (ROI)

Home renovation project front view Atlanta GA

It used to be almost an article of faith that any money you spend on a home remodeling project will add an equal amount to the market value of your home now and especially if you sell your home.  Today, most remodeling projects will increase the market value of your home but may or may not increase it by the amount you invest in the project and, just like an investment in stocks or bonds, there is no way of telling what the return in terms of dollars will be when you sell your home in the future.

But here is what we do know: we can help you optimize your return on your investment. Most people remodel their home because they want or need to have a new kitchen or new bathroom or need more room.  They may need a new roof because the old one is leaking and causing damage in the home each time it rains.  Remodeling will certainly provide you the tangible benefits.  If you remodel your kitchen, you will enjoy having a new kitchen from day one and everyday thereafter.

Remodeling generally will add to the value and saleability of a home. Some projects will do so more than others and if you plan on selling your home in the near future, we can help you determine what type of remodeling and how much to invest to optimize your ROI.  We can also help you determine how to optimize our ROI if you plan on living in your home for a long time.