Atlanta’s Historic Restoration and Preservation Experts

Windom is experienced and an expert at working on older homes and on historic restoration, non-historic restoration, renovation, remodeling and preservation projects.

Windom Construction is dedicated to helping homeowners restore, remodel, expand and preserve their older homes. We use historic, conventional and modern building tools, methods and materials to do this. We also use green building and building science approaches on our restoration projects to make these homes healthier, more comfortable, more energy efficient, and very pleasant to live in now and for decades to come.

Why You Need an “Expert” in Historic Restoration

When restoring or remodeling, older structures present special challenges. Working on these homes requires special knowledge, expertise, skill sets, equipment and material sources  that remodeling contractors working on newer homes don’t generally have. Most remodeling contractors are also not trained or experienced in dealing with them. We have what it takes and this is why Windom Construction is a perfect choice for working on your older home.

Older Homes Have Special Issues

Here are just some of the special issues working on older homes general present and that need to be addressed properly:

  • Duncan column base collapsed 1Lead and other hazardous building materials used before 1978
  • Non-standard building materials and methods
  • Building practices that no longer meet code
  • Aging and damaged structural elements
  • Replacing damaged design elements when they are no longer made
  • Engineering issues
  • Poor insulation and humidity control
  • Inefficient or non-existent heating and cooling systems
  • High energy costs
  • Insufficient or old electrical and plumbing systems
  • Foundation problems

We are experienced at dealing with and solving all of these special older home problems and more.

Windom Offers Our Clients Home Restoration Options

Not all of our clients want the same amount of historical accuracy. We are happy to accommodate your desires and budget.

At one end, some clients want us to replicate old molding as found in their home and make the work look as close to the existing as possible. Windom has the old-style tools and equipment that were used to build the old homes and we know how to use them.

Many of our clients want to get as close to historical accuracy as possible, but they also are fine with our using modern power tools and substituting similar contemporary molding profiles and materials if that helps lower the cost of the project. Or, they may wish to replicate the existing molding profiles and use matching materials.

Most of our clients prefer to keep historic windows and doors. We can help make these original windows and doors as energy efficient as possible using any one or more of several approaches. We are also good at finding modern windows that have similar characteristics to the older windows either as stock or custom made.