What Building Design Method is Best for Your Project?

Some remodeling contractors will only do a project if they both design and build it.  Others can only provide construction services requiring you to get the project plans from an architect.

At Windom we offer you a choice of three methods and can help you determine which method is best for your project.  Here are the choices we offer:

1) Full Service Design Build

For many projects, the full service design build approach we offer is the most convenient and cost effective method. You come to us and we work with you to design and build the project within the budget you approve.  We can work from ideas you already have and help bring them to fruition or you can come to us with a list of the ways you home is not working for you and the objectives you have for your project.  We can develop plans that cost effectively and beautifully achieve those objectives.  For smaller projects we do the design work in-house. For other projects we bring in an architect or designer we have selected based on their expertise in the type of project you have. You don’t have to find an architect – there is one and only one party responsible to you and that is us.

2) Team Design Build

For homeowners who have architects they want to work with and hire directly, we offer a “team design build” approach. From the start of the project, we work with you and your architect.  We provide your architect feedback about costs and other issues related to the designs.  This can help keep them on target with a design that can be built properly within your budget.  We can also provide your architect feedback and ideas that only a builder can provide to make the plans more cost effective and the project less expensive.  With our experience with older homes, historical restoration, preservation and green building expertise, we can often help an architect with information, suggestions and guidance on how to best design and plan such projects.

3) Construction From Your Existing Plans

If you already have had an architect develop the plans for your home, don’t worry, we can provide you a competitive proposal to build the project. We will estimate the project to provide you with a bid that is based on the quality standards you are looking for. We can make recommendations, when we see options for you to save money, on design or material modifications that you can consider. Because we also do design build and work in collaboration with independent architects, our communications with architects and homeowners alike are excellent. This means fewer if any problems caused by miscommunication.