Client Surveys Say…

We have always strived hard to exceed our clients’ expectations. We have always gotten back great comments and lots of repeat and referral business. But we wanted an even better way to measure how we are doing and how we might improve in the future.

GQmembersealIn 2013 we retained GuildQuality, the nation’s leading remodeling industry homeowner satisfaction survey firm to survey our clients as we finish projects and to also survey clients we have done projects for over the past few years.

We were very pleased with the results of the surveys so far and expect we will be going forward.

As of August 10, 2013 in the all-important category of would a client refer us to others, we have a perfect 100% score. This is not typical of remodeling contractors. In 2012, the results of a 2011 survey of homeowners across the US for Qualified Remodeler Magazine was published online and the national average for this satisfaction metric was only 62%.  Only a small group of remodelers in the country have scores in the range of 80% or above.

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Client Comments:

  • … As an inspector for the lender on a group of eight residential renovation projects, I was pleasantly surprised that the same high standards of workmanship and attention to detail that go into Windom’s historic renovations were evident in our eight routine, if not mundane, residential renovation projects.
    –Douglas H. Rewerts Former Vice Chancellor for Facilities Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

  • A fallen tree ripped a hole in our house from back to front. Windom Construction repaired the roof, repaired/updated the damaged kitchen/breakfast room, and created a screened-in porch where there was once a gaping hole. In the process I was advised against my own idea of a shed-type roof for the porch and instead have a fully pitched roof that integrates completely with the rest of the home (my suggestion didn’t meet their standards of quality). I now have a beautifully enhanced home that far exceeds the previous in usability and value. Lemons to lemonade indeed. Thanks, Windom Construction!!–Ed H.

  • Bob was also a pleasure to work with. If I were searching for a contractor (again)… Windom Construction would be on the top of the list.

  • Best contractor I have ever used. I would use again and recommend to friends. Knowledge of construction is vast, especially when restoring to the period.
    –Eric Baranski, Woodland Ave.

  • He did an estimate before he did the job and he actually charged less than what his estimate was.

  • As the chair of the Trustees I was the administrator of this National Registry Project. Windom Construction was competent and flexible as day to day decisions had to be made to accommodate the stringent requirements of the National Registry standards.
    We would recommend and use them again.–Maurine Pittman, Innman Park UMC.

  • I would absolutely recommend them.

  • I was most satisfied with their attention to detail.

  • (Regarding area of satisfaction): Choice of materials as well as aesthetically matching prior work.

  • Excellent quality work.

  • I thought the knowledge and expertise was excellent. The quality of work was done very well.

  • I was most satisfied with the communication I received from Rob. He is an excellent communicator! He always returned my calls quickly and he is very thoughtful.

  • I’ve always been satisfied with the work he’s done for me.

  • I was most satisfied with the attention that was given to making sure the project was done and that they did the work with highly professional standards.

  • I was satisfied with Windom Construction Co., thinking about ways to solve a problem that had not occurred to me. Also knowing how to set a list of priorities and following through on them.