Four Generations of Windoms circa 1950

Four Generations of Windoms circa 1950’s.

Four Generations

Windom Construction can trace its tradition of craftsmanship back to 1885 when Cicero Windom started a small business making home furniture and traveling chests.

Cicero’s oldest son, Simon Windom, continued the tradition as a woodworker and a general contractor in West Georgia.

Simon’s oldest son, Neal Windom followed his father Simon into the construction industry for a short time but left to serve in the Army Air Corps in WWII.  When he came back from WWII he decided to change paths and  became a prominent Methodist Minister in North Georgia for many years.

Neal’s son, Robert Windom, our company president, has been able to explore both family traditions: construction and (for a time) being a Minister. When he returned to the family tradition of construction, he was able to work on building, rebuilding and preserving homes and places of worship. He continues to help people improve their lives and be more responsible stewards of the planet by incorporating Green Building, energy efficient and sustainable building approaches when improving their homes and the neighborhoods of Atlanta.