Who Selects Windom Construction and Why?

Many different types of homeowners in Atlanta select Windom Construction for many different reasons, but here are some things we see regularly.

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Our clients typically:

  • Live inside the Atlanta Perimeter.
  • Have homes that are mostly 50+ years old with many much older.
  • Have both aesthetic and functional objectives for their remodeling.
  • Appreciate the character and style of their home and want to preserve it.
  • Are looking to modernize their home.
  • Are smart and careful buyers.
  • Don’t like high pressure sales tactics.
  • Are between the ages of 30 and 60.
  • Are couples, some with children.
  • Have college degrees.
  • Have household annual incomes between $75k and $200k.
  • Own homes worth between $200k and $850k+
  • Have some idea of what they want to do.
  • Have a target budget in mind.
  • Have a budget ceiling they can’t go over.
  • Have been tempted to consider a low price given by another contractor.

Our clients typically want:

  • A home they can be proud of.
  • A comfortable, safe and healthy home.
  • A home that, while old, has modern conveniences.
  • To keep either the general period look of their home or want it be be authentically restored.
  • To lower their energy costs.
  • To learn what green building options might be cost effective for them to consider.
  • To work with a contractor they can trust and will not let them down.
  • To be able to depend on the remodeling contractor to help them make good decisions throughout the remodeling process.
  • To hire a reliable professional contractor who is expert in working with homes of their age and that can help them avoid problems.
  • High quality design and construction with good client service.
  • To have a positive remodeling experience
  • A reasonable and affordable price that won’t mysteriously go up.

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