Guaranteed Construction Pricing

Windom Construction knows that about the last thing a homeowner wants to have happen on a remodeling project is to get an unexpected and unwarranted surprise in the form of additional costs to complete the project.

That is why for many types of projects* we offer Guaranteed Construction Pricing.

iStock_000006649340goldsealWhat is Guaranteed Construction Pricing? At Windom Construction it basically means that the price on the construction contract is the price you will pay at the end of the project as long as the scope of the project is unchanged.  We typically can offer Guaranteed Pricing on projects that can be clearly defined, specified and quantified up front. These type of projects represent about 65% of the projects we do.

We also take special care to spell out up front exactly what is included in the price we have given you.  This way you don’t suddenly find the cost of the very rare and expensive imported marble counter top for your new kitchen that you thought was included in the construction contract price was not, and the estimated price was instead based on a much cheaper and lower grade domestic marble.  This is how some remodelers are able to offer you seemingly great prices up front.  They give you an estimate priced to win the project and forget to discuss the short cuts and substitutions they have made.

Our Guaranteed Construction Pricing does have some fine print such as what could cause the scope of the project to change. Most of the time it would be things like you deciding to change the plans or building materials and product choices after the contract price was agreed on. It could also be if you unexpectedly decide to put the project on hold in the middle of the project.  We do not change the price of our guaranteed price projects because our staff needed to spend more time on the project than we expected.

The good news is that our guarantee is reasonable and fair.  It also allows you to make changes after the project starts and we agree to update the pricing in a way that is mutually fair and transparent.

What about pre-construction services pricing? For services like design, feasibility studies and other pre-construction services, we typically provide our clients a fixed price that is based on a specific level of expected effort.  If as the project progresses you desire to have us help you explore an unusually large number of project design options that exceed the level of effort that was estimated, we will let you know you are about to go beyond what was expected.  We won’t surprise you with an invoice that exceeds the estimate for prices we provide you as fixed or guaranteed prices.


*Because we work on many homes that are very old and which may have structural defects that can’t be detected without pulling down walls and ceilings before we have to prepare a contract price, for example, we do sometimes include in our price guarantees provisions for these unforeseeable costs.  We also take on some types of projects where it is not possible to provide a guaranteed estimate. For those projects we offer other types of project pricing which are better suited for the indefinable or unquantifiable nature of the project. These other types of pricing approaches are also fair to all parties.